Notaries need training to avoid costly errors, understand their role(s) and avoidable mistakes. We'll provide one this training along with examples and an opportunity to ask questions.​

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Document knowledge is key.  It is the responsibility of the signing agent to provide a brief, yet accurate explanation of the documents being executed by the signers.  This class provides an in depth look at the most common documents and explains the meaning of each.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.

- Aristotle

loan document training

notary signing agent open forum

Many notary signing agents use their notary commission to facilitate real estate settlements.  Learn how to do this correctly.  We take the guess work out of what to expect and explain how the settlements should be handled.

notary signing agent training

virginia notary public training

Having your notary in Virginia allows you the ability to generate income. One of the most popular means of doing so is by facilitating remote real estate settlements as a notary signing agent.  U&OB Notary Academy provides courses that teach the functions of a notary signing agent in a real estate transaction as well as provides an in depth understanding of the documents, procedures and responsibilities of a notary signing agent. The courses include an open discussion as well that allows participants to discuss strategy, common issues and have specific questions addressed.

Even the most informed need someone to bounce things off of. Our open forum session allows seasoned and new notary signing agents an opportunity to ask questions, review scenarios and get additional clarification on any and all topics as it relates to notarizing documents and facilitating real estate settlements.